About Ankur !

Hobbies :- Writing poem n Blogging , Reading novels, Playing Cricket-Chess-Badminton, Stamp Collection, Photography..

Appreciates beauty, in any form like Clouds, stars, sunshine.sunsets, the moon, warm summer, nights, snow, rain, soft breezes.
Sometime labelled as ‘Quiet’ loves lots of Things in life Gud books & novels. Long slow kisses 🙂 (havn’t got it yet). Long leisurely walks. Late night text. Bright colors. Soft fabrics. Fluffy pillows & fight with it. Sleeping in staying up late. Hot chocolate. Vanilla & 2 in 1 ice cream. Sappy romantic movies (not indian drama). Flowers. Being in love (chori chori :-|). Meaningful smiles. Walking barefoot in the grass & rain. Playing in the mud. Slow songs (mostly ghazals). Rainbow. Butterfly kisses :-P. Bubble baths. Happy tears. Sitting in front of a fire in the middle of winter night. Jumping in piles of leave. Occasional cooking . Smiley faces. Screaming at night on silent road & its echo. Dreaming & writing. Gossip with girls (especially frnds GF) ;-). Loyalty &Trust in relationship. Scaring ppl.. Lovely fight with bro & sis.. .. Chatting to new people..waking up & realizing i still hav a few hours left to sleep… Watching a good movie cuddled up on a couch with sum1 i love :)… Making eye contact with a cute stranger girls :)..

Has discovered a new passion in photography, and wishes to be able to capture each of life’s precious moments.

Your comments both good and bad, are welcome..

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